A Programmer's Guide to I/O, CPUs and Fixed Memory Areas

Bonus Disk

The bonus disk includes:  

  • Diagnostic and analytical tools, including TSRs that monitor current I/O and serial port status on screen
  • Equipment detection routines for the disk, diskette, PCI, video, and other important aspects
  • CPU detection routines to identify the CPU, FPU, speed, vendor, and other critical information, including the presence of MMX, and identity of the true instruction set.
  • Utilities to identify and test undocumented CPU instructions
  • A Model Specific Register (MSR) program that describes many undocumented registers by name and provides quick access to hidden registers
  • Demonstration utilities to access CMOS memory, the keyboard controller and other subsystems
  • View contents of the BIOS data areas with identification of function by name

Plus, you get complete documented source code for all utilities on the disk!

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