A Programmer's Guide to I/O, CPUs and Fixed Memory Areas


The Undocumented PC is a book and companion diskette with extensive details into the heart of PC design. This comprehensive programmer's guide shows the innermost undocumented details of PC systems, including the PC, AT, EISA, MCA, and PCI architectures.

It also uncovers I/O functions, undocumented CPU instructions for the 8088 through the Pentium and later CPUs, BIOS operations, and important fixed memory areas. The Undocumented PC comes with a disk full of useful programs and source code to explore and understand undocumented aspects of the PC. It also includes UNPC to help identify unused I/O ports, and to collect and summarize various reports from other programs supplied with The Undocumented PC.

1100+ pages. Author: Frank van Gilluwe.


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